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NewStatesman article January  2010

Being involved in a campaign like this with Max, Harry & Lauren has been a unique opportunity  to meet some very interesting people in the media.

Photographers and film crews,journalists and creative advertising directors, make up artists, runners, news crews, producers, production coordinators, researchers and lots more.

Its really fun to see how much time and effort goes into such a production and what else all these guys are involved with.

BBC News Website  January  2010

Iface website January  2010

BBC 2 My Life, Bill Board Kids  CBBC Documentary  March 2010

Guardian Blog March  2010

Guardian Blog Photos March  2010

Lucas’s speech at The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual exhibition at The Mall Galleries, the Mall, London. May 2010.

Lucas speech.pdf

Lucas delivers his first speech.

In August 2010 the poster campaign rolls out nationwide, there are posters in stations all over the country.

Lucas makes ‘Look at my face’ video for ChangingFaces web site. October 2010.

Children & Young People Now Magazine 23rd November 2010

BBC Radio Leicester  November 16th 2010

Anti-Bullying-Week 15th-19th November 2010

Lucas does his first live radio broadcast:

Followed the next day with his first live national TV broadcast.

Being filmed at school by BBC East Midlands.

Daily Mirror 14th November

Tips if you are being bullied... Another video for Changing Faces web site.

Tim Laughton MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families recognises Lucas from his appearance on breakfast TV earlier the same day.

The Anti Bullying Alliance Youth Summit, Central Hall, Westminster. 16th November 2010. Lucas, Eloise & Clare represent Changing Faces.

18th November 2010 Lucas is holding The Children & Young People Now Award 2010 presented to Changing Faces as the winner of Health & Well Being category

Maggie Atkinson, The Children’s Commissioner and Anti Bullying Alliance panel member ,recognises Lucas from the previous day and congratulates him on his work.

Leicester Mercury 13th November

The three speakers, left to right;

James Partridge OBE, Dsc (Hon) FRCSEs (Hon),


Tony Hobson the chairman of the Board of Trustees.

A portrait of Lucas - May 2010 by Bekki Steele the talented young artist who has recently exhibited at the Tate.